Bluetooth / Wireless headphones are there differences???

You may think seeing Bluetooth Wireless headphones as my title may be a little lack luster. Think about it everyone has a set of headphones either around their neck, in their ears or across the top of their head. You might even see headphones in their jean pockets or in the women purse. I’ve come to the conclusion that people can’t live without them. So I want to focus on the wireless headphones and the aspect on our lives.

Are there difference between Wireless and Bluetooth headphones.

Well the differentiating between Wireless and Bluetooth are wireless headsets, transmit audio signals either through infrared or radio frequency waves. The headphones receive the signal usually from a base that is connected to a device without any kind of cable or wire. The headset is powered by standard batteries which can be easily replaced if ran out of juice.

Bluetooth is basically a wireless technology used to connect multiple devices using radio waves without using wires or cable within a short range. Bluetooth is used to send and receive data and information using Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device. Bluetooth headphones directly pair with your cellphone via Bluetooth to provide a wire-free listening experience.

Did you know wireless headset became more of a new rage because of the drop in prices I think the cell phone wireless were mainly for the business executives. I think due to the high cost back in the day. Bluetooth refers to connection of different devices such as a phone and laptop for transferring information. Wireless includes various communication forms such as satellites and radios, all of which use electromagnetic waves.

Did your know Wireless headphones are small electronics speakers that are worn over your ears so that your can listen to difference devices. There are no wires connected to a device so they are also called Cordless headphones. Wireless uses radio frequency waves to transfer the sound. The wireless headphones may be large that fit over your ears, but the small headphones fit in your ear.

Did you know that gamers generally use wireless headphones and call centers find wireless headphones very helpful

Bluetooth headphones also the Bluetooth headphones do not have wires to connect to a device so that your may hear the sounds. They also use radio waves which covers short range. Bluetooth devices contain a small computer chip with Bluetooth radio. Did your know that the chip has software in it which helps them connect to another device.

Most people use Bluetooth while traveling, exercising or taking a walk. It elimates problems with a wire being connected to the device and causes the wire to get hook on something. Which could break the headphones or the device.

Range of Bluetooth Wireless headphones from device

The main difference between wireless and Bluetooth headphones is their range. A wireless headset can receive signals from up to a distance of 100 feet (30 meters). On the contrary, Bluetooth headphones are designed for devices at a distance of up to 30 feet (9 meters). Gamers usually use wireless headphones, also workers working in call center due to the range.

That is something the user should think about when they are purchasing headphones. Whether they would purchase wireless or Bluetooth headphones. It based on how your will be using the device long or short distances. The average customer does not think about the usage we think about the price and what the customer rep tells up. most times they are thinking about their pocket .

Problems with Wireless Bluetooth headphone

Bluetooth does not connect blue tooth depends on software and hardware to work properly.therefore if your devices is two years old or older it will not work with the new technology. The old Bluetooth does not have the new radio tech, so if will connect to the new headphones.

Pairing problems determine which pairing process your device uses. Some pairing uses a code, others your have touch the code on the device that are pairing with the headphones.

Make sure the Bluetooth is turn on the way your can tell by a little symbol at the top of your devices. See instruction for your device to see how to turn it on.

Bluetooth can interfere with one another so your must make sure that the blue tooth to the other devices that are using that device is turned off. So let me explain if your have a headphone set that your use and your have it connected to multiple devices, This is what your must do turn off the Bluetooth Icon on all the devices accept the one your want to use.

Do your prefer Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Most people who have some type of devices cell phone, laptop, Iphone and many other devices are now switching to the wireless headphone. The main reason I think is the freedom from the devices plus the sound quality. Also you are able to anwser telephone call with out disconnecting the headpones. I really enjoy my wireless headsets because of the reason listed above.


There are not many differnces between Bluetooth and wireless the range they are transmitted. The way they connected also the way you put the on you ear. Problems they have with the head I hope this has helped you get infromation on bluetooth and wireless. if you would like to see diiferent head devices click on link.

About Me

Hello, everyone, my name is Diana Myers and welcome to the UniqueWireless website. Wireless has been part of my life for about 18 plus years. I have a passion for computers and therefore the wireless became part of my life. Well when I started I had to plug the headset into the Mp3 player, Computers, Androids/Apple Cell Phones also the desktop into the modem

That was the only way the desktop, Laptops could operate was plugged directly into the modem. The headphones were plugged directly into Cell phones so that we could listen to music, talk and here to someone without disturbing others. When I see articles, TV  commercial and shows I become memorize with all the new products. I want to learn more so that I can help myself but so that I can help others especially the older generation. I seem to have a great patient to help them. That’s what a lot of them tell me when I helping them with electronic.

I wanted to inform others of how far we have in the past 18 years.

Well, let me tell you a little more about myself self I’m a little quiet when I first meet you but as time goes on I become a little looser.  I love sports( Football, Basketball). I played sports in high school and the reason sports are such a great part of my life is I was the only girl. My father and two brothers loved sports one with my father when he came home he would turn the channel no question asked. I love to travel and as the WA program helps me I will be able to go back to travel to places that I’ve never been to.  Plus I love to go and visit family so I will be able to do more travel.


Technology has come such a long way and with such great improvements. We no longer have to have the cords plug into the device which could cause us to get caught on different Items and ripped out of our ears. The wireless technology helps us to connect without wires. So I want people to know how far we have come and you have the decision to continue with the old headsets or come up with the new wireless technology. I want people to know while they have their headset on and the volume is loud not only will the sound disturbed the people around you but it can damage your hearing. When you get older you will not be able to understand family, friends, and others because you have damaged your eardrum. Another thing when you come to my site and you want to decide on the different wireless devices all the information will be right on my website and then you can go and make that purchase.


I have always loved technology since I was in my teens and I love the way it improves our life but it also can damage our lives. The goal of my website site is to inform my ordnance that wireless has changed the lives of people for the good and bad. I will provide the different wireless headsets and so they can find out all the features the cost of and how it affected them emotionally. Another goal for me is to research so that I can learn and the information that I learn can be passed down to others to help them understand the wireless technology. Maybe if they know the information they can pass it on to me and I can publish the information onto my website.

Also let people know that they don’t have to be tied down to one location to listen to music, podcast, talk programs.